Law of Self-Defense Core Course Review

Steven T. Baker CPP,PSP, PCI, Security Expert Witness recently completed the Core Course from “The Law of Self Defense”. As a trainer, expert witness, and practitioner in the security industry Mr. Baker has reviewed multiple programs relating to the legal aspects of self-defense applicable to both security professionals and private citizens. Attorney Andrew Branca, the force behind “The Law of Self Defense”, has put together a fantastic program that fills the void in self defense law training.

Offerings from “The Law of Self Defense” include the textbook “Law of Self Defense” the Core Course and individual state supplements. The core course and textbook are the foundation of the program. Attorney Andrew Branca explains and presents the conditions and issues related to lawful self-defense in a comprehensive and understandable manner. Attorney Andrew Branca breaks down statutory legalese into language and concepts that are understandable and that can be directly applied by individuals who may be involved in a self-defense situation. The core course is available online and in a seminar format. Mr. Baker studied the online version and thoroughly enjoyed the video presentations and found the quizzes and tests to be challenging and appropriate for developing retention of key materials by students.

After completing the core course the next learning opportunity is the state-specific module. Each state has different laws and interpretations of those laws by the courts. Most courses review statutes and ordinances that are believed to be applicable to self-defense situations but do not delve deeper into the interpretation and application of those laws by the police, prosecutors or courts. Attorney Andrew Branca has resolved the issue by producing a comprehensive state-specific module that discusses legal concepts, statutes, application, and interpretation of statutes and laws for each state. Most self-defense courses discuss laws and use of force in a generic “one size fits all” method that leaves the student to fill in the gaps. “The Law of Self-Defense” is the only program that reviews each state specifically and provides the student with directly applicable information.

Steven T. Baker CPP, PSP, PCI is currently studying the Instructor Course for the “Law of Self-Defense.” The instructor course is not designed as a stand-alone course but was developed to provide education to those individuals who are instructors for self-defense related courses. Historically most of these programs have very limited materials on self-defense and use-of-force for the instructor to use when educating students. The instructor course provides education for instructors that will enable them to teach self-defense and use-of-force concepts to their students at a level not previously available to most instructors.

Check back for our review of the Instructor Program.

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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Training Completed (CPTED)

Keeping our consulting division updated is always a priority. Steven T. Baker CPP, PSP, PCI recently completed the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design online course at Florida Atlantic University. The semester-long class was led by Dr. Randy Atlas Author of 21st Century Security and CPTED. The class materials were extremely voluminous, the videos robust and the projects were relevant to applying CPTED principles.

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AVADE Active Shooter Instructor Certification

Steven T. Baker has achieved certification as an Active Shooter Instructor in the AVADE program. VTI Associates will now be offering the AVADE Active Shooter Awareness, Preparedness, and Responses for Extreme Violence Training Course. We are happy to be adding this course to our 2019 course offerings.

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AVADE Workplace Violence Prevention Training Courses

VTI is happy to announce that we have added the AVADE Workplace Violence Prevention series of basic and instructor courses to our course offerings. These programs offer an effective program for training employees in workplace violence recognition and response.

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Security Expert Witness, Steven T. Baker Now Licensed in Texas

Security expert witness, Steven T. Baker, TX C03054301

Steven T. Baker, Texas Licensed Security Consultant

VTI Associates and Licensee Steven T. Baker have obtained licensure as a Security Consultant and Private Investigator in the State of Texas. Mr. Baker will now offer Security Expert Witness services in the State of Texas. VTI is currently licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Texas.

For more information and a complete breakdown of services offered by Mr. Baker and VTI, please click on this link: VTI Associates, Security Expert Witness

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Security Expert Witness for Facebook & Twitter

Security expert witness Steven T. Baker obtains X1 Social Media Examiner certification status.

Steven T. Baker completed the training and after passing a rigorous examination has been awarded Certification as an X1 Social Media Examiner. X1 is a software platform designed to collect and search data from social networks and the internet. VTI will be offering their litigation clients the ability to assist in collecting and analyzing social media that may be relevant to the case.

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Steven T. Baker Awarded Contract as Subject Mater Expert for Development of California Private Investigators Examination Questions

California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) has contracted Steven T. Baker to assist as a Subject Matter Expert in the development, maintenance, administration, validation or occupational analysis of licensing examinations for those applying for licensure as a Private Investigator in California.

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Expert Security Training & Education Programs

Security expert witness, Steven T. Baker

NEVADA – NV 1174
ARIZONA – AZ 1691958
COLORADO – CO PI2.0000518
TEXAS – TX C03054301

Steve develops specific training/educational programs tailored to each client’s needs to ensure personnel have the skills to ensure any protective system functions as designed.

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Steven T. Baker Joins the International Association of Professional Security Consultant’s (IAPSC)

VTI announces the acceptance of Steven T. Baker into the membership of The International Association of Professional Security Consultant (IAPSC). IAPSC is the most widely respected and recognized security consultant association in the industry. Its rigid membership requirements allow potential clients to select from a unique group of professional, ethical and competent security consultants. Each IAPSC security consultant is a recognized professional with a proven track record in their area of expertise. See for more information.

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Security System Review

In order to meet the protective needs of his clients, Steve will analyze current security and protective systems for efficiency and design.

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Security Awareness Training

Security of information and assets is a top priority for most clients, and Steve develops programs to educate employees, contractors, and visitors on measures to ensure the goals of each entity he works with.

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Development of Policies & Procedures

A consistent security program, organization wide, is imperative to my client’s operations. I provide effective, reasonable, and affordable security policies and procedures designed to deliver consistent results.

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Vulnerability, Risk & Threat Assessments

Steve will evaluation threats to his client’s organizations and assess the client’s ability to defend against those threats. It is a comprehensive work up and includes recommendations to mitigate the impact of threats to the client’s operations.

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Security Surveys & Audits

Steve will provide detailed audit/survey reports as well as provide a post-survey discussion of practical and will recommend cost-effective solutions.

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